BOVA Student Council

Initiation of establishment of BOVA Student Council was started in spring 2010.  Students' representatives from BOVA member institutions occasionally taking part in one or another BOVA event.

Representatives of Student Unions' in BOVA member institutions have established good contacts with NOVA Student Council and in January 2010 have hosted NSC meeting in LLU, Jelgava, Latvia.

By the end of 2010, on December 28 by the decision of BOVA Rectors' Board was established the BOVA Student Council.

BOVA Student Council have called their first meeting on March 23-24, 2011 in Jelgava where students representatives of all 4 member institution will come together to discuss and agree on the working plan , aims and tasks of BSC and other important items.

The main objectives of BCS:

- to be a forum for discussions of BOVA matters among students;

- bringing the students perspective into the BOVA cooperation and development;

- marketing BOVA among the students;

- keeping and developing contacts with NOVA Student Board.

BOVA Student Council president was elected

In the third BOVA Student Council (SC) meeting council members elected the first president of BOVA SC – student from Latvia University of Agriculture Ilvija Gaidukovica – and other responsible students for BOVA SC work.

At this meeting BOVA SC structure was made and there were students from each university elected who will be responsible of new BOVA SC structure’s positions:

  • Viceprezident from Estonian University of Life Sciences – Gerlina Jarvela;
  • Viceprezident from Aleksandras Stulginskis University – Viktorija Balciute;
  • Viceprezident from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences - Veterinary Academy – Vilius Dovydauskas;
  • Viceprezident Latvia University of Agriculture – Mikelis Kaneps;
  • BOVA SC secretary – Indre Gavenaite (Aleksandras Stulginskis University);
  • NOVA coordinator – Karolis Sakenas (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences - Veterinary Academy);
  • Responsible for making BOVA representative materials – Andre Purett (Estonian University of Life Sciences).


„I was very interested in BOVA SC activities since the first council meeting in Latvia University of Agriculture at 2011. BOVA SC is new organization and we have a lot of things to start with. In my opinion, these elections were important step forward,” says I.Gaidukovica.

She notifies that in meeting BOVA SC members discussed about renewal of BOVA statutes and about making BOVA SC statutes. Members also decided to give ideas to Andre Purett for information that should be included in new BOVA booklet. Next BOVA SC meeting is planned to be organized in autumn.

BOVA SC meeting took part during Aleksandras Stulginskis University Students representation organized conference "International academic training" on May 26-27, 2012, which was also inspired by cooperation of students from BOVA universities.


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