BOVA courses for year 2016

Intensive Master courses

For the year 2016 BOVA secretariat announcing the list of intensive master courses, which are offered for BOVA and NOVA University Network students as well as graduate students from other institutions. We invite you to look at course schedule and choose the best course for you master studies.

All course information are presented in short course description see table below.  All courses will take place in course organizers institutions. For BOVA and Nova students all these courses are free of charge, other students should pay course fee -150 Euro and cover accommodation and travel costs.

For detailed information about course (trip, accommodation and ctr., please contact with your local coordinators  (list of coordinators)

All course information is available on  Event calendar and all course registration is running online as well.

BOVA's course list are presented below. 

"Evaluation of quality of poultry meat and eggs" take place at LSMU, VA in March 13-19. Master level course. Course information.

"Entrepreneurship and innovation for Rural Development" take place at EMU in March 14-18. Master level course.

"Comparative animal welfare and practical assessment" take place at EMU in April 4-9. Master level course.

'Waste  to resource in Baltic states 2020" take place at EMU in May 2-6. Master level course.

"Application of modern technologies in determination of geodetic height system" takes place at ASU in April 18-22. Intensive master or bachelor level course. Course information is here.

"Landscape in focus" take place at LLU  at  26-30 of September. Intensive master or bachelor level course

"Game animals protection and management" take place at ASU at 14-19 of November. Master level course.

You can make registration to all courses here.



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