Course application procedure

Application procedure

To apply for any BOVA courses you should complete following steps:

1. Evaluate, how the course you are willing to apply can be relevant to your study and research field.
2. Fill cours registration form on BOVA web page
3. Fill in Mobility Registration Form and sent it to local BOVA coordinator (EMU, LLU, ASU, LSMU,VA).
        Download:click here to download Contract Form. and Confirmation.
3. BOVA coordinators will provide the final list of students with selected person’s registration forms to relevant person/course organizer.
In all cases then number of applicants if higher as places in course sending university makes the final selection of students. BOVA coordinator has a right after discussion with relevant persons (as leaders of study programs, deans of Faculties, BOVA CC members) make a final list of participants from sending university.
4. You will be notified about application resultsby e-mail.
Have any questions?

Contact BOVA coordinator at your home university.