BOVA Corses from additional call for 2019 - 2020 year:

BOVA Course




Explore Social Entrepreneurship in the Baltic States

 14-18 October, 2019    EMU  Programme 

 Application of ModernTechnologies in Reconstruction of Geodetic Networks

2-6 December,2019

LLU  Programme 





BOVA courses for 2020 - 2021 year 

BOVA University network announces the ADDITIONAL CALL for APPLICATION for organization of BOVA courses by BOVA  funding in 2019-2020:

- BOVA Intensive Master Courses (BIMC);
- BOVA Intensive Doctoral Courses (BIDC);
- BOVA Intensive Bachelor Courses (BIBC).
Deadline for application is DECEMBER 20, 2019.
More information:
BOVA offers a list of new courses for 2018-2019. 

Students registered at BOVA or NOVA member institutions can participate free of charge. 

The admission for BOVA courses is arranged at the institution offering the course. The application process and admission requirements for the courses are explained on each course's description. 

Registration to BOVA courses is open here.

List of BOVA courses: 



BOVA Course




Forest disturbances and ecosystem services: approaches to data processing and modelling   15-19 October,         2018  EMU  Programme 

Land Information Management for Sustainable Development in Baltic Countries 

 5-9 November,          2018

 EMU  Programme 
Application Of Modern Technologies In Determination Of Geodetic Height System   3-7 December,          2018  VMU  Programme
Renewable Energy Technologies  CANCELLED  VMU  Programme 
Comparative Animal Welfare and Practical Assessment  1-5 April, 2019  EMU  Programme 

Sustainable Agriculture For Rural Development

 8-12 April, 2019



Packaging Waste 2030  1-5 April, 2019  EMU





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